Respirar is the story of Julia, a 35-year-old woman who gets together with her ex husband Oscar after he left her and ends up pregnant. Although it is an unwanted pregnancy, Julia notices that Oscar is interested in her again, which makes her want to have her baby. However, a few weeks later she has a miscarriage, but decides to hide it. She cannot come to terms with the unfortunate event, she cannot face losing her child and losing Oscar. Oscar is a peaceful-looking man. He seems determined to win Julia back, embracing the arrival of a child who is no longer in the picture.

Carlos, Julia’s father, tries to look after her, but he is so overprotec-tive that he ends up doing more harm than good. There are times when Julia thinks her child is still alive. She has trouble sleeping, and when she manages to, her dreams terrify her. In her dreams, she drowns, sinking deeper and deeper, unable to swim back to the surface. She starts to look for a job so as to move on with her life, but in order to accomplish that she will have to submerge.

Respirar is a drama-laden, tense, intricate story, a product of Julia’s life and her futile attempts at avoiding coping with her loss.

Production company: Seacuático
Coproducers: Oriental Features, Tarea Fina

Producers: Guillermo Rocamora, Javier Palleiro

Executive producers: Guillermo Rocamora, Santiago López, Juan Pablo Miller
Director: Javier Palleiro
Screenplay by: Guillermo Rocamora, Javier Palleiro